Rug Consignments

 We can assist you with the sale of your valuable woven wool or silk rugs. All rugs need to be cleaned. We will offer the appropriate
service at the industry’s most competitive prices. This must be prepaid. We will value, photograph, store your rug and if sold, will
hand deliver with “white glove service” to it’s new owner for 10% of it’s selling price or less. For example, $500 or less incur a 10%
fee. Any amount over $500 will only incur only 5% over the initial $50. For example a $1,000 rug will cost you only $75 to sell. If
You’d like to auction your rug on eBay, we will add those costs to you fees at the rate they occur.

 Depending on the rug, it may have considerable value even if less than perfect condition. For example, wool Karastan rugs retain
30-50% of their value in most cases. A 50 year old Karastan rug may very well sell for it’s original price. The same holds true for
“better” grade Persian rugs and Turkish rugs that are over 100 knots per square inch. Not so much for Indian made rugs. While you
may have just paid $2-3k “on sale” for a Chobi or Peshawar Ziegler at a well known big box store or high profile rug dealer sized 8x11
($20-30 per sq ft) the sad fact that in “brand new” condition, you should consider $2-3, maybe $4 per sq ft a generous retail price.
Sure, you could sit on it for a long time and wait for someone to pay 2-3x it’s value, it can happen, we would not interested in
consigning items at ridiculous prices. Likewise, a tufted wool rug, where you don’t see a pattern on the back, rather a glued on cloth
panel, or even a well made power loomed synthetic rug, whose fair market values are generally less than $1 per sq ft, we are not
interested in consigning them.

 In this case, we can offer to recycle them for you. We will clean them at no charge and donate them to a charity such as Habitat for
Humanity or the Salvation Army. Please don’t dump some urine soaked rug on these organizations. They have no time nor ability
to handle this and you are only contaminating their other items. We will clean them and donate them. Our only benefit may be a $20
or $30 write off on what otherwise would be a $100-150+ cleaning bill. We are doing this to help those in need if possible or at least
keep a rug that will never break down out of the landfill for a few more years. This is why cleaning your rug on a regular basis is
the green thing to do. It will wear out less and you will enjoy it longer. When you no longer want it, it might be something that
someone else wants, even if that is a tiny amount of money. Carpets and rugs presently take up 3.5% of our nation’s landfill space
and synthetic rugs do not decompose even in 1,000 years! To us, that is the best reason to not throw it in the trash!